Puppy Training

From  the moment you bring your puppy home

Training and socialisation for your puppy as early as possible makes for a happy relationship with a well socialised, well behaved dog you can take anywhere rather than a dog you leave at home.


Sadly, most dogs that end up in rescue are 6-8 months old - it happens because they aren't housetrained, they chew things they shouldn't or bark when left alone or are dog or human reactive - all because they weren't taught as very young puppies.


Contact me for details of how I can helps and how it can be shaped to your requirements.


One to one home visits are very beneficial: They can start as soon as your puppy arrives home before he/she is vaccinated and allowed to attend classes or it may be that getting to class every week is just too difficult to fit in to your schedule so it is easier to training your dog at home. You may have a specific problem that needs intensive training such as recall or jumping up, or walking nicely on a lead.

Encouragement, praise and consistency are the keys to giving your puppy the very best start in life.


My aim is to help you build a good, lasting relationship with your new puppy and help get you off to a great start.


You will learn all the basic training you will need plus additional information to prevent common behaviour problems before they develop and give you a good foundation for life with your new puppy. Only reward based and effective puppy training methods are used and I wholeheartedly believe that training should be lots of fun for both of you. All you need is patience and common sense and you and your dog can look forward to a happy, and fun, future together.


Encouragement, praise and consistency are the keys to giving your puppy the very best start in life. I can provide a single one-to-one session to the cover the most important training or a course of sessions at your home aimed at giving your new puppy the very best start in life with your family and you the information and support you need.


Having a dog can be the most wonderful, experience and bring years of joy and love .... or it can badly affect both your quality of life and the life of your dog if he/she develops fears, phobias or other problems.


I can't stress enough the importance of early puppy training from the day you bring your bundle of fluff home at 8 weeks old you have a short window of opportunity  to teach the most urgent and important behaviours that can impact on your future together such as bite inhibition, housetraining and chewtoy training, and the importance of human and dog socialisation.



Get off to a great start with your new puppy

Puppy Start Course

Before you get your puppy

A puppy depends on their new family to help them experience as much as possible, as early as possible. That being said, your puppy’s first few weeks of life with the breeder are also vitally important. So please be careful of where you get your puppy. Make sure you meet the puppy's mum (and dad too if you can) and see her interact with her puppies. Ask LOTS of questions!

Home bred puppies have been socialised with people and have experienced normal household noises etc.


They are extremely likely to be puppy farm puppies. Behaviour and health problems can be heartbreaking and hard to overcome.

Pre puppy visit

Before your puppy arrives I can visit to give you advice on how to prepare, what to expect and how to get off to a flying start the day your puppy arrives home.

During the puppy course  she will learn how to behave at mealtimes, how to greet visitors and how to walk nicely on the lead. Plus some games that are just for fun and aimed at helping her learn to think for herself. Training will include basics such as:

sit, down, stay,

leave items when asked

lead walking without pulling


.... and much more


 We will also work on the preventing possible future behaviour problems such as accepting people being around food bowls and bones etc, mouthing & play biting, jumping up at people, accepting being handled & brushed etc and generally being sociable with humans and other dogs.