Hi, I'm Kerry and whether you are looking for obedience training for your dog, looking for help with a new puppy, or finding it hard to deal with behaviour problems I can help.

There is no magic wand that can be waved to change things in an instant (yes, I am the FairyDogmother but even I can't always do that!) ... often it takes time and patience but don't worry, I am here to help. I am an experienced, kind, patient dog professional here to guide you ..... and I care very much that it works.

To build a good, lasting relationship with your new puppy and help get you off to a great start we can go through a programme to help with common issues like house training and biting along with training to prevent common behaviour problems before they develop.

I can help with specific problems with older dogs such as recall, pulling on a lead, barking/lunging at other dogs, food guarding, anxiety and much more.

Success starts here!



I run fun, relaxed but informative reward based puppy and adolescent/adult dog classes. My classes are in Yeadon on the outskirts of Leeds. You will learn basic obedience, life skills and some fun training to do with your dog.

Behaviour Problems

I can help you with all kinds of behaviours that can cause problems and may be spoiling your relationship with your dog: including problems like being protective of food or toys, lunging and barking on lead, aggressive to visitors or suffering from anxiety.

Obedience/life skills

Bad manners such as jumping up at people, pulling on lead, begging at meal times, not coming back when off lead. Basic obedience can go a long way to building confidence - in you and your dog and make life together more enjoyable.

Puppy Training

I can't stress enough the importance of early puppy training. From the day you bring your bundle of fluff home at 8 weeks old you have a short window of opportunity  to teach the most urgent and important behaviours that can impact on your future together

Children's Sessions

My children's one to one home visits are designed for children to be involved in their new puppy's training and have fun, whilst learning about respecting their dog and recognising the signs that their dog has had enough and needs to have some space and quiet time.

Kids Clubs

School holiday children's classes including how to be safe around dogs and puppy training classes for children of all ages. My 'Speak Dog' classes are lots of fun and include fun videos, games, role play and how to train their puppy.

I am based in Yeadon, not far from Leeds Bradford Airport - between Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate.

I cover Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate, Yeadon, Guiseley, Rawdon, Menston, Otley, Horsforth, Baildon, Shipley, Ilkley, Bingley, Saltaire, Rodley, Pudsey, Bramley, Farsley, Headingley and all local areas but also quite happy to cover problems with dogs further afield or you can visit me here in Yeadon no matter where you live.