Classes -
all breeds, all ages

With the emphasis on fun as well as learning ...because teaching your dog should be enjoyable for both of you.

My fun, informative Puppy Classes are for puppies from vaccination up to six months of age.

A friendly relaxed class covering life skills and some fun stuff to help your puppy grow up into a happy, sociable family dog using rewards and love.

It includes things like puppy biting, chewing, house training advice, along with basic obedience and life skills including sit, down, stay, drop and some fun stuff like target training and rollovers.


Come and join in the fun!

My classes are small, fun and focused on lots of individual help and attention for both you and your dog in class. No large classes where you feel the instructor doesn't even notice you are there.

Classes are held in my classroom in Yeadon.


Learn in a fun, relaxed environment.


Friendly relaxed small classes covering life skills, useful obedience training and some fun stuff using rewards and love. It starts with basics like sit, down, stay, leave and useful day to day skills such as door manners, go to bed, and teaching good behaviour on lead along with fun training skills including target training and nosework - come and join us!


Please note a class environment is not suitable for dog reactive dogs; if your dog is fearful of other dogs it is not a comfortable place for them to be. if your dog is frightened, barks or lunges at other dogs please contact me for one to one training prior to attending classes and I will be happy to help.

Puppies up to six months old


Adolescent and adult dogs

Baum learning to leave

Gemma and Blaze learning 'stay'

Patsy having fun in class