Do you have a new puppy and your children have never had a dog before?


I love working with children, helping them understand how to behave around a puppy, do basic training that even young children can help with and look after their new pal so they feel more involved.


I help show them how to recognise the signs that their dog has had enough and needs to have some space and quiet time.


How to show their puppy affection without frightening their puppy.


How to deal with bitey puppies that can jump up and upset and scare children.

My children's one to one home visits are designed for children to be involved in their new puppy or dog's training and have fun whilst staying safe, with parents also being involved to help and encourage their child ... and to learn too!

Children can learn not to encourage their puppy to do things which will be unacceptable once the dog has grown up such as jumping up and mouthing.

Teaching  a child why they shouldn't take a food bowl or a bone off a dog is as important as teaching puppies and dogs to accept people around their food and toys.

Children will learn how to use kind and effective methods of training with their new pet. You will achieve much more and get a better response from your dog if you work with them using using encouragement, praise and rewards to teach them.

Adopting a rescue dog and have children who aren't used to dogs?


Careful supervised play and training allows children to be more involved with their new puppy in a safe enjoyable way . They get very excited about their new arrival and want to be involved but often don't know how to behave around them. Learning how to train their puppy or older dog allows a child to play with him/her in a positive way that both of them will enjoy so they will grow up the best of friends.

I am a 'Be a Tree' presenter for Doggone Safe, dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and awareness.

I am also a Family Dog School Presenter to help families live happily and safely with their dogs and have fun doing it.

I am also a Blue Cross Children's Education Speaker.


School holiday clubs and classes to teach children how to stay safe around their own dog, and dogs they don’t know.

Also easy, fun puppy & dog obedience training for children.